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Brief Alliance Introduction:



The predecessor of China sculpture Enterprise Alliance is known as China sculpture network, founded in 2004, mainly help in the development of the sculpture enterprise online business on electronic commerce. So far it has assembled ten thousands of domestic sculpture enterprises, and the corporate sales revenue is being increased exponentially. China sculpture Enterprise Alliance was officially formed in 2011, designed to serve foreign markets. We rely on QuYang—the China famous carving town, gathered 1000 companies with high quality, working together with the Government to bring in the local resources. New F2B2B online service mode eliminates the obstacles to cross-border trade, makes the trade more efficient, more profitable and more secure.




Our advantage:


Resource—Integrate member resources, do the efficient supply chain management (SCM) from the upstream and downstream of industry chain, reduce the enterprise procurement and operating costs. So we can provide you the quotations with 30% below the market price.



Member— we have more than 1000 members of credit in enterprises in China carving town. The annual value of production is of 500 million US dollars. There are companies available for meeting your sculpture needs, from dimension stone, stone carving to metal, wood and etc.




Communication – Most of the substantial members are unable to engage in foreign trade industry due to their own conditions. And here, we can help you communicate with our members to facilitate your transactions, convenient and faster.



Guarantee – The clients, who is trading through this alliances, can enjoy the additional protection of delivery, quality assurance and service assurance furnished by the alliance members. We are focus on sustainable long-term growth, will try our best to reduce your risk that may be involved.



Master Grade – We have the Chinese folk art carving master recognized by UNESCO to guide to make your products more artistic and more beautiful! To buy master products!



我们的理念, 双赢

Our philosophy:? win-win




Brief Chinese sculpture Network Introduction:


Chinese sculpture network, founded in 2001, has been helping the carving enterprise develop the online business. The B2B website for engraving industry was on-line in June 2004. It is built as a reliable supply and demand platform for the engraving enterprise, as well provides comprehensive business solutions. After nearly nine years of hard work, Chinese sculpture network has become the largest Chinese B2B website in engraving industry. Currently, it covers 80% of China carving enterprises, and being with 300,000 product information & 500,000 users. At present, 156 people are employed by Chinese sculpture network company, distributed in more than 100 cities in China.




Our mission


To help the alliance members develop healthily and sustainably, open up overseas markets, win market reputation, and make Chinese sculpture be the world-famous.



You can purchase the products with the prices below the Chinese market; as well reduce the foreign trade premium



The procurement costs are low between members, and then the product prices also will be reduced accordingly.



The supply chain make the members operate more efficiently, the competitive advantage is more obvious.



Open foreign markets, make pricing service more competitive.




About carving town -- Quyang


曲阳之享有盛名,更因他创造了灿烂的石雕文化。相传是张良之师 ------ 与鬼谷子齐名的黄石公着下了《cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级天书》,才有人在黄山上创习石木cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级。到西汉(公元前 206 公元 25 年)时期cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级已盛,被汉武帝盛赞为cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级之乡从此,曲阳石雕步入辉煌,技艺日趋精湛,cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级艺人辈出。元朝时期着名cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级大师杨琼cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级的一狮一鼎被元世祖忽必烈称为绝艺。清(公元 1644 – 1911 年)末艺人的cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级仙鹤干枝梅一举在巴拿马国际艺术博览会上荣获第二名,更使曲阳石雕声名鹊起。从云冈石窟、乐山大佛、敦煌石窟、五台山佛像至阿房宫、故宫、圆明园、颐和园及天安门前的金水桥,到人民大会堂、人民英雄纪念碑、毛主席纪念堂等建筑,处处都留下了曲阳人的cc国际网投登陆会员_cc国际彩球网如何登录_cc国际等级艺术。



Quyang’s reputation is due to creating a splendid culture stone. Legend has it that Zhangliang’s division and Huangshigong being eponymous with Guiguzi wrote the “Carving Hieroglyphics”. Then, someone learnt stone and wood carving in Huangshan Mountainbet36最新备用网站 based on this book. To the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC – AD 25), the carving has been prevailed, as well praised as “the hometown of sculpture” by the Han Emperor. Since then, Quyang stone went into the brilliant, techniques sophisticated increasingly, carving artists in large numbers. In Yuan Dynasty, “a lion a tripod” carved by famous sculptor Yang Qiong was called as consummate art by Kublai Khan. At the end of Qing dynasty (1644-1911), the sculpture “crane” and “Mikie plum” from the engraving artist was won the second place in one fell swoop in Panama International Art Fair, more so Quyang stone to fame. From the Yungang Grottoes, Leshan Giant Buddha, the Dunhuang Grottoes, Mount Wutai statues to Fanggong, the Forbidden City, the Old Summer Palace, the Summer Palace and the Golden Water Bridge in front of Tiananmen Square, the Great Hall of the People’s Heroes Monument, Chairman Mao Memorial Hall and other buildings, Quyang human sculpture is left in all respects.


After the founding of New China, the ancient art of carving brought out a new luster. The artists integrate relief, Loudiao, carvings techniques and modern anatomy, perspective, aesthetics into carving skills, make antique works simple and elegant, true to life, modern works fresh and clean, deep mood. The representative of the artist, a contemporary nationwide master craftsman Lu Jin Qiao Lu, his sculpture “Lying Goddess of Mercy”, “Three officials” and other eight works are regarded as treasures by the National, collected by China Art Museum. International Art and Crafts master Chen Yan Cang, creating a new “Western faction” carving techniques, carving items with more vivid.


The production value of Quyang sculpture is of $ 1,000,000,000 within 12 years.














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